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The 52 Week Money Challenge for 2015

Do you have a desire to save money in 2015 but have no idea how to accomplish it? The 52 Week Money Challenge is a simple way to accomplish this baby step painlessly!

It is so easy to "want to save" but never get around to it! Whether this is the first $1000 toward your Emergency Fund or you want to squirrel away a little extra for a vacation or new furniture, or pay cash for Christmas this year, try it!  You will actually save $1378 for the year, by following these simple guidelines and we at The Prudent Wife challenge you to try it!

You just save $1 on week 1, total is $1.
Week 2 is 2 dollars - that equals $3
Week 3 is 3 dollars - that equals $6

You are simply saving the dollar amount of the week you are in, and all of those dollar amounts add up to $1378.

This is a starter savings plan - with ZERO interest included. This would work if you stuck your $$ in a jar, over a year, as noted, you would end up with $1378.

Or in a bank/etc you may get a shred or two of interest.

The beauty of the 52 Week Money Challenge is to get in the *habit* of saving money and catch the bug and it is a *simple beginning* toward that goal!

Make the 52 Week Money Challenge work for you. It can be as flexible as it needs to be with ideas on reverse, once a month paydays, bi-weekly and more below.

Would it be easier to start in reverse, saving $52 the first week, down to $1 the last week of the year, then do that.

For those paid once a month, you could save $114.83 a month and hit the same goal. Or do $100 a month and then save change - it would net you $1200 for sure, plus the change could put you above or below - might be fun to try it!

How you do it if you get paid every two weeks? We get paid every two weeks = 26 paydays per year. You can flex it to work for you, with your budget! A handy PDF form to track your progress can be found here! A huge thanks to my friend Debra for creating it for all of YOU!

We have 2 options - $53 dollars per pay period would equal the same amount at the end, but not be nearly as fun! OR we could pull out the amount required each week, out of our bi-weekly checks. We got paid today, so I would pull out week 1&2= $3, next paycheck week 3&4=$7, week 5&6=$11, total of $21 in the account, building slowly! So just figure out which two weeks we are on, and pull that!

The 52 Week Money Challenge is also wonderful for students, teens with first jobs, college grads, etc to get started and fuel the "Savings Bug" in them. It would be a great way to begin retirement funding for those in their teens/early 20's just starting out. Have you seen the charts where teens start saving $1000 a year at 20, save that amount for 7 years, then have saved millions by retirement?

For more money saving ideas, recipes, homekeeping, natural eating and health, and so much more, visit our website

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