Growing Tomatoes on the Cheap!

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Haven’t we all seen the Topsy Turvy, upside down tomatoes and wondered how those would do in our garden! Yesterday, we picked up some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and can’t wait to plant them.

I want to try those hanging tomatoes, but consistently balk at paying the price they demand for what looks like an old tablecloth. Well, imagine my excitement when a little online research turned up some fantastic upside down resources that will help do-it-yourselfers grow a garden upside down!

I got all excited and was ready to try several of this, until I realized we have nothing to hang them from in this home, so it may have to wait until next year.

Here are the resources:

Enjoy – and let’s all grow some tomatoes this summer! We keep hearing after last years horrid tomato year, and the blight and tomato woes from coast to coast, that we should have a fantastic tomato season THIS year! To salsa!

Sunscreen Alert

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Is your sunscreen doing the job you want it to do, or something else? A recent study is telling us that many of the sunscreens we slather on so keenly all summer, are actually accelerating cancer rates, rather than protecting us.

Caveat emptor – buyer beware – what is supposed to be keeping you safe, might just be making it worse!

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